Existing Side-by-Side Old and New

The walls are painted; carpets pulled up: the unexpected hardwood floors you found under the carpet, are now sanded and refinished, its time to populate your home with furniture and accessories. Will it be vintage or custom-made furniture for you?   The vintage pieces of furniture in my home sleuthed up, when my wife and …

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  “ Die when I may, I want it said of me by those who knew me best, that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow”   Abraham Lincoln

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Brighten the corner were we live.

Our Homes Ourselves

Ultimately, a successful home is one that is full of love and one that is ours by design. When a house starts to become more than just protection against the elements, it begins to acquire greater personal meaning. When we hang that first picture on the wall or display that first keepsake, the house begins …

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A nice home converted to offices Bend, Oregon

The Admirer

One late autumn afternoon, a preacher driving down a street lined with older homes pulled over and stopped across from a particularly fine Craftsman home. Up in the air, a woman in coveralls was on a ladder; a can of white paint was hanging from a hook. The wood window where she worked had been …

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This intact, vintage neighborhood has stood the test of time and brutal winter storms, Seaside, Oregon.

Dreams Can Come True

I would like to thank several people for casting me out of my comfort zone and into the blogosphere. With a gentle push they said, “Here is a web page. Write to someone who cares.” Well not exactly, but this blog does provide a place to extol the virtues of owning and caring about bungalows …

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Garden View cropped hose

    “ I know a little garden close / Set thick with lily and red rose, / Where I would wander if I might / From dewy dawn to dewy night. / And have one with me wandering.” William Morris  

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